Full Mouth Restoration

Full mouth restoration maybe necessary when determined by your dentist that you need more than simple fillings or an individual crown. Sometimes it becomes necessary for the whole mouth to be redone in what is called a full mouth restoration. This may be needed from a poor bite, aggressive tooth wear, accidents to the mouth, advanced decay, or a multitude of other situations. Dr. Stranigan, Askeland, and Harris each devote a tremendous amount of time to Continued Education Courses and Study Clubs in order to stay abreast of the most current techniques and technology that are well beyond the scope of what is learned in dental school. With this knowledge, Dr. Stranigan, Askeland, and Harris are able to help those patients with advanced needs.If a patient is aware of the need for advanced dental work, a comprehensive exam is completed including a complete series of digital X-rays, digital photos, study casts, and a full dental work up. Case options are presented and together the doctor and patient discuss treatment options, cost, and time frame.

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